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Plush Doll in Krakow regional costume 25 cm

Plush Doll in Krakow regional costume 25 cm
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Price: 69.90 zł
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Plush doll Krakowianka 25 cm dressed in a skirt with flowers on a red background.

- Top with embroidery imitating beads and lace-up fastening in the front.
- Shirt with long sleeves sewn cuff with lace.
- Apron White finished with white embroidery or lace apron.
- Hair braided in two pigtails completed bows,
- The head scarf Red Tie a tuft above the forehead.
- On the legs sewn heels to mid-calf.
- The embroidered red corals.

All materials used are safe and have the necessary certificates.
Doll handmade in Poland.